How much to start saving? – Mortgage Loan

A simple question that we all ask ourselves is how much to start saving

Saving is the oldest financial tool to visualize towards the future. Savings can allow you to acquire new things, until you get an initial for a house with the help of a low-cost mortgage loan.

Saving brings great benefits to our economy

Saving brings great benefits to our economy

But many find it difficult to save for the future because they think that a lot of money must be left over to do so.

My advice is to budget your income and expenses to calculate how much to start saving. Working based on real amounts will be a great help to start and keep saving.

Tips to start saving

Tips to start saving

Make a list of your income and expenses and work based on what you have left over to start saving a certain amount. The use of percentages could help you better manage your expenses and savings.

For example, if your 100% of income, your expenses are 70%, you could use 10% to start saving month by month. This way you will see very rewarding results.

Open a savings or fixed-term account

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Since this type of account allows you to generate interest that will benefit your savings, it will also help to give movements to your account that positively influence if you are thinking of requesting a loan for a house or a vehicle.

Be disciplined for savings, even if you are tempted to buy an offer and you only have the money for savings, have discipline and mind control, you may have to wait a little longer to acquire what you want, but that is part of the savings , the discipline.

Be patient for savings


Since before you start saving you must be clear that saving is for a purpose, and that you will not be able to gather from one day to another.

In the event that you started saving to buy your new home with the help of a mortgage loan, be patient and start doing it in a planned way. In the least thoughtful moment you will have already saved what is necessary.