I offer loans

The first step to finding money is to contact your family and friends. Or so it has been so far. A growing number of people admit that they do not want to ask their loved ones to lend them money because they cannot explain why they need to spend all their supplies. They prefer to turn to financial institutions with which lending goes quickly and without intimate interference.

In search of the best deals, Croats are increasingly searching the internet for everything. In the sea of ​​various advertisements such as I offer loans , I offer express loans, I offer loans online .. – it is not easy to identify which is legitimate and which is not. On the Internet, as well as on leaflets contained in mailboxes and lighting poles, everything is offered on the best possible terms. But one has to be extremely careful, because if something sounds too good to be true, it is most often so.

I offer loans – How to spot a fake ad?

 I offer loans - How to spot a fake ad?

I offer loans, I offer loans online, I offer money immediately… – in emergency situations every ad sounds perfect, but once the impressions settle down, problems arise. One should keep a cool head and check the credit house carefully before borrowing money. The legitimacy of the same can be verified on the website of the Croatian National Bank. Better choices are certainly credit houses that have clearly stated business conditions and do not lend money on their hands. If there is no loan agreement and the money is not paid through a checking account, the possibilities for fraud and fraud are endless.

I offer loans: How to protect yourself when borrowing money?

 I offer loans: How to protect yourself when borrowing money?

What if it was you who offered the loans? Unlike loans, individuals can also lend. It is best to regulate any transaction legally, even if it involves family members or friends. Namely, lending money changes the relationship and its dynamics no matter how much you do not want to admit it. I offer a loan – but that means I borrow money under certain conditions and only with the signing of a contract. This should be taken into account, because only in this way are both parties protected.

What is behind the loans?


The loans are intended for minor home budget repairs. They can cover smaller loads such as unplanned trips, sudden breakdowns on your car or home, extraordinary medical expenses and the like. The loans are based on lower amounts and a short repayment period, which is why they owe their popularity. They are unassigned and ideal for anyone who is afraid of long-term loads. They are paid out as soon as possible and are available online. Because they are smaller amounts, credit companies do not see too much risk for their business, so they do not seek collateral.